Welcome to iPAL, the UK’s leading,
most advanced booking, payment and management software system.


Whether you be a small group of out of school clubs, a single sports club or a national chain of nurseries, iPAL can meet your needs.

Offering you a range of easy-to-use tools iPal allows you to simply create your own bespoke software that supports all your business needs. iPAL prides itself in being a market leader, offering management flexibility to settings across the UK. Check out the demonstration video to see how iPAL could be incorporated within your organisation.

Assisting you in everyday tasks such as taking bookings, collating registers, collecting payments and offering full reporting on all aspects of your business this software will save you time so that you can get on with doing what you are passionate about, providing fantastic childcare.

Unlike any other product on the market, iPAL really is a one-stop shop to all your needs so why not contact us to discuss its endless functions? The software offers complete control in all areas of your business. With just 1 click you can see how many bookings there have been today or this week, monitor your income and compare month on month sales … all in one place.

Working within childcare on a day-to-day basis puts us at the forefront of your business needs and allows us to remain ahead of our competitors. So why not get rid of the endless administrative headache and take control of your business with a booking system that enforces all your terms and conditions, whilst being flexible enough to cater for the real world?










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